Mekanik Journal 2

Journal #2 (Session #4)

The improbable has come to pass; I’m scared. Yep, I know what you’re thinking my friends: Nicole, scared?! Ridiculous as it sounds, it’s completely true. Not that it’ll stop me from kicking major Apocalypse ass, but still. And even more discomforting, I’m scared of the fact that I’m scared. Too circular for your poow wittle bwains?

I’m scared of Alex. And for him. The man’s a mind reader, he can see into any of our inmost selves, but he can’t even see what’s good and right for himself. I worry that he’ll cross that line he can’t come back over, or worse yet, he already has. And not only that, but he’s in danger of becoming a threat to my team.

Ah yes, my minions, you read that correctly: my team. It’s not as though I’m super excited, like ohmigosh. No, quite the opposite in fact. Firstly, Gabriel is a friend, part of our weird little family, and it was horrifying to watch him suffer as he did. Steve and I are already drawing up plans to create replacement wings. Hopefully we can restore his flight, but my main goal is to help him keep his sense of self. He’s a good man, and I’d hate to see him lose this personal battle. With Gabe out of commission, Erik has placed me in charge of the X-factor, with Tommy as my second. Not that it seems to be doing any good. I don’t expect the team to be excited about my new position of authority, but I do expect them to respect it. It’s not like I asked for it or anything, shit. It was Erik’s idea, and if the team doesn’t like it, they can fuckin’ take it up with him when we get home. Until then though, I just wish I could handle them. Especially Ryan. Dude’s got issues. Even Alex follows my command, though he does so grudgingly, but Ryan just flat out contradicts what I say. Is Mekanik gonna haffta stun a bitch?

Speaking of bitches, Dagger sure knows how to whoop, but needs to learn to keep back when it’s, you know, not safe.

And, while we’re talking about things that aren’t safe, lemme tell you about this Lost dude. Green plasmic energy, mind like a suspicious ten year old, and possible connections to Apocalypse. Sounds like a party to you, too, right? Yeah, if by party you mean assisted suicide. I’m keeping him in The Pocket for now (in fact he’s there as I write) and I’m pretty damn sure it will hold him until I let him out, but we don’t know shit about this guy! I mean, he could have the knowledge to wipe us all out, and as soon as he recovers it, then we’re screwed with a capital SCREW. Shit.

So yeah, I’d say I have good cause to be scared. But I suppose it’s a more general fear of the unknown. I know a lot, like a lot a lot, so when I come to something I don’t know, it’s like there’s a blank spot in my mind, and I can’t fill it in. Like when you black out from drinking like a dumb ho, and then can’t remember if you acted like a jackass in the morning? Like that, except, I can’t remember if I’m going to get us all killed.



Mekanik Journal 2

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