Lost Journal 1

Journal #1 (Session #4)

I walk through the pocket space, as I do a dirt road appears under my feet. As my mind wanders farther from the world outside this haven the landscape morphs and changes.

The sky is blue, I like blue… As I walk down the road, I see girls playing jump rope. I call out to them to say “Hi”, but when they see me they run, I try to fallow but I can’t find them. Why are people afraid of me?

I am in the city now there is destruction everywhere. I see fighting in the distance but when I get there, there is nothing, Just ruble and broken things. I hear a voice “Ion come here.” But when I look I don’t see anyone. Who is this Ion and who said that? It sounded like a girl, maybe one of the girls playing jump rope?

I walk through the city, but there is no one anywhere. What happened to everybody? Did they all run away from me, am I that scary?

A… A… purple mist flo… flows around ma… me. I hear the voice again, “Ion did you think you could get away that easy?” I see a women a in the mist she looks like me but is purple.

I know… her.


She speaks “See you do remember me, Ion”

I… no… I… I won’t go back… I… We will not become Genocide… again!


Lost Journal 1

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