Random, interesting, awe-inspiring, awkward, or hilarious quotes made by player-characters!

“That thorn is about to get ten times bigger.” - Flow, awkwardly and straight-faced to Mudslide, after Mudslide commented about the X-Men being said thorn in Apocalypse’s side

“It’s Velguard-ER.” - Velguarder, said several times as everyone forgets it’s not just “Velguard”

“I think we should kill the child.” - Silver, offering up his serious opinion on what to do with Apocalypse’s secret experimental weapon

“That Silver, he’s gonna rub someone the wrong way.” - Colonel, to Mudslide as they talk privately about the other team members

“Stop smoking, you whore!!” - Mekanik, as Dash gets extremely sick during a barrel roll

”...You’re big.” - Fallen, after meeting Ox for the first time

”...You’re smart.” - Ox, in response

“(long pause) ...Uh yeah.” - Shade non-chalantly, after a frightened technician asks if he’s with the X-Men

“Hey PRINCESS, where are you going?” - Flow to Prelate Unuscione, who is trying to escape with her life

“Good job, tree #2.” - Sap, calmly, after the tree minion hugged an Infinite to unconsciousness

”...Just get in the van!”Mudslide breaking the silence, after Dazzler plants a wet one on Silver

“You shall be baptized for the remission of your sins!” - Gentle to a couple of Infinites, before chucking them far into the Atlantic Ocean

I’m a hero. You’re an ass.” - Mekanik, as she intimidated Vanisher to teleport off of the Blackbird

“Is that guy still a dick?” - Ox, pointing at Silver… to which Quicksilver nodded

”...Ass.” - Fallen, after Quicksilver offered to race him and dashed off ahead

“I can short-circuit your ass in a minute.” - Flow, menacingly towards a security robot at the nightclub Heaven

“What a lameass.” - Silver, after hearing Flow say something extremely awkward

“Heaven.. or Hell? ...Let’s rock!” - Mudslide, after seeing the scantily clad waitresses dressed as angels at Heaven

”...I want some Hot Pockets.” - Velguarder, randomly, after not speaking for a long time

“Did I say one hundred? I meant three hundred.” - Colonel, after Rossovich laughed off his initial low-ball offer

“Could you transform into a horse or something?” - Dark Blade to Danger, who was broken down but could still create its illusions

“You’re a fucking dumbass.” - Silver, after Velguarder unknowingly helped the Agency capture the two of them

“Yeah… I can disable it.” - Velguarder, after finding out that Silver’s “explosive security brace” wasn’t even real, then stiffly jamming a screwdriver into it

“I’ll be an obedient little soldier…” - Flow, said all sarcastically cutesy to his leader, Mudslide

“Friggin’ alligators…” - Shade, painfully recalling the previous events in Florida

“All the more reason to do it…” - Draco, after Mekanik vocalizes her disapproval of his actions


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