The United States has been divided amongst Apocalypse and his Horsemen. Though each Horseman has jurisdiction over his respective zone, authority over the nation ultimately lies with Apocalypse himself.

Apocalypse’s Zone

Location Significance
Manhattan Island Location of Apocalypse’s citadel and center of the North American energy grid. A tall statue of Apocalypse stands in place of the fallen State of Liberty.
Westchester County Location of Charles Xavier’s abandoned mansion home, now secret headquarters of the X-Men.
New York City A now devastated landscape, home of the Archangel-owned nightclub Heaven, where only the upper echelon of mutant elite (or those with enough money) may enter.
World Trade Center In an effort to show the world his power, Apocalypse single-handedly demolished one of the towers with his own strength. The other tower still stands, secretly being used as a testing facility and laboratory for Apocalypse.
Madison Square Garden The former sports arena is now a hangar for Apocalypse’s acquired aircraft. Many enslaved technicians can be found working here.
New York Harbor The docking point for incoming cargo ships. Imports and exports are generally monitored, though some refugees manage to sneak into and out of the country through these ships. Most don’t survive the experience.

Sinister’s Zone

Location Significance
Chicago Sinister’s base of operations. The Elite Mutant Force (EMF) are headquartered here. Also the location of the new Breeding Pens, where humans and mutants are imprisoned and subject to cruel experiments at the hands of the Dark Beast and Sinister himself.

Holocaust’s Zone

Location Significance
San Francisco The newly established base of operations for Holocaust. Not much is known about this area other than the city is next in line to fall victim to Apocalypse’s campaign of cullings.
Los Angeles The newly established base of operations for the Hellions. To combat the impending cullings along the West coast, Magneto has attempted to form an alliance with these renegade mutant youths.

Archangel’s Zone

Location Significance
Minneapolis Archangel’s main base of operations. Mostly inhabited by armies of Infinites, Archangel is known to prefer his nightclub, Heaven, over his settlement in this city.
Canadian border Scattered human forces line the Canadian border in futile effort to repel Apocalypse’s forces. Canada contains the largest population of displaced human refugees in the world.

Vulcan’s Zone

Location Significance
Dallas Vulcan’s main base of operations. Not much is now known of this area, as it was completely decimated prior to Vulcan’s settlement.
Mexico Much of what used to be the country of Mexico is now a radioactive danger zone.

International Places of Note

Location Significance
Canada Large populations of human refugees have fled to Canada and have remained safe thus far.
Pacific & Atlantic Ocean The ocean area surrounding the United States has been lined with numerous security outposts, outfitted with sensors and heavy weaponry.
Central & South America Almost all of Central America and the northern half of South America are now considered radioactive danger zones, due to nuclear conflicts occurring in these areas. It is assumed that these areas are now mostly uninhabited.
Japan The once prosperous nation has fallen victim to Apocalypse’s cullings. Nearly every human that inhabited the island was murdered, and few of the mutants escaped. The Eastern Union has gathered and built a headquarters in the ruins of Tokyo.
Germany Archangel led attempts to conquer this country that were subsequently repelled by human and mutant rebel forces. It has not fallen to Apocalypse’s rule, but it is assumed that another invasion will occur at some point. The Human High Council has also ordered a second Sentinel Master Mold be transported to this country.
London The headquarters of the Human High Council. Many of the important and strategic decisions regarding the survival of Earth’s human population are made in this city.
Muir Island Off the northern coast of the United Kingdom, this is where the Sentinel Master Mold secretly resides, manufacturing armies of Sentinels to fight on behalf of the humans.
Wakanda A prosperous and technologically advanced nation in Africa, King T’Challa (also known as the Black Panther) oversees the protection and isolation of the Wakandan population and any human refugees that arrive.
Avalon A rumored haven located in the Antarctic. Mutants that desire a peaceful life often seek out the underground voyage known as the Infernal Gallop, which leads to this unconfirmed paradise.


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