Codename Portrait Real Name Powers Known Info
Apocalypse En Sabah Nur Malleable body, immortality, superhuman strength, reflexes, and durability, teleportation, flight, healing factor, and psionic abilities Conqueror of the United States and future conqueror of the world. An ancient mutant, hell-bent on following the principles of survival of the fittest by murdering the weak. Has amassed a large army to do his bidding, and a vast collection of loyal mutant followers. The number one target of the X-Men.

The Four Horsemen

Members: Archangel, Holocaust, Sinister, Vulcan

The Elite Mutant Force

Members: Cyclops, Havok, Beast

The Infinite Army

Members: Infinites, Prelate Unuscione (deceased), Prelate Vanisher, Prelate Unus, Prelate X-Stacy

The Sisterhood

Members: Cassandra Nova, Domino, Moonstar (deceased), Magma, Boom Boom, Amazon, Omega Sentinel, Feral

The Church of Apocalypse

Members: Scorpio, Taurus, the Draconum

The Agency

Members: Taskmaster, Typhoid Mary, Deadpool, Agent X, Outlaw, Bob (deceased)

Neutral Figures

Listed: Rossovich, Ursa Major


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