The Age of Apocalypse

X-Caliber Session #1

Date Played: Nov. 21, 2009

Players: Liz (Dash), Chris (Gentle), Jordon (Lost), Travis (Shade)

Late in the night, a secret shipment of food, water, and first aid supplies were being transported somewhere through a neighborhood in the Bronx. A small squad of Infinites escorted a van through a small neighborhood, unaware of Magneto’s forces watching nearby. The team of Dash, Lost, Gentle, and Shade quickly dispatched the Infinites and began looting the much-needed supplies. They too were unaware, of the Prelate known as Toad who also happened to be watching.

X-Factor Session #1

Date Played: Dec. 3, 2009

Players: Christina (Mekanik), Dominic (Ox), Don (Draco), Jon (Ceylon)

Ceylon, on a mission to recover some supplies for human refugees, found herself on the run from a squad of Infinites. Knowing that she was clearly outnumbered, she used her cat-like agility and speed and sprinted through the Bronx city streets and cut through dark alleys to try and escape. However, she was being monitored from the sky, and on her way to being trapped on the ground. Things had looked grim.


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