The Age of Apocalypse

X-Factor Session #1

Date Played: Dec. 3, 2009

Players: Christina (Mekanik), Dominic (Ox), Don (Draco), Jon (Ceylon)

Ceylon, on a mission to recover some supplies for human refugees, found herself on the run from a squad of Infinites. Knowing that she was clearly outnumbered, she used her cat-like agility and speed and sprinted through the Bronx city streets and cut through dark alleys to try and escape. However, she was being monitored from the sky, and on her way to being trapped on the ground. Things had looked grim.

Fortunately for her, X-Factor was also monitoring the situation, and made their presence known to the squad of Infinites and to Ceylon. From the Blackbird, Mekanik began firing at some of the airborne Infinites, while Draco and Ox took care of the ones on the ground. Seeing that the sides were now a little more even, Ceylon joined into the fray with her rescuers. The group easily made quick work of the Infinites. Mekanik invited Ceylon aboard the Blackbird and assured her that the X-Men would take care of the refugees. The team helped the humans relocate from their underground home into the extra guest quarters at the X-Mansion.

Like the other teams, X-Factor received new assignments after Gambit reappeared with the controversial news. They would first stop in Wakanda to try and secure Black Panther’s pledge of allegiance in the fight against Apocalypse. After that, they would be heading to Japan, where Jean Grey was headed with Weapon X years ago. After a few weeks of training and preparing, the team took the Blackbird and departed for Africa.

After a hostile greeting by the Wakandan Air Force, the team finally landed in the majestic African city. They were greeted by King T’Challa’s personal bodyguards and escorted to his royal palace. The most prominent thing they noticed was that this desert city seemed bountiful, structured, and technologically current. There were no immediate signs of what could cause such prosperity.

From the moment they met the Black Panther, the team knew that they would have to be wary of their actions. Mekanik sensed that there was a lot of unfamiliar and “alien” technology in the city and within the palace walls. The team was also warned that he was deceptive and manipulative, and that he always liked to maintain the upper-hand.

He invited them to have dinner with him and his sister, to hear their reason for abruptly visiting his isolated kingdom. Mekanik diplomatically encouraged T’Challa to join the fight to stop Apocalypse’s oppressive forces, and reminded him that, eventually, they would come to invade Wakanda too. Skeptical, but not entirely unconvinced, T’Challa told the team that he would have to think about the matter and consult with his council in the morning.

Late in the night, Black Panther summoned the team to his private quarters and he showed them the massive and far-advanced control center that oversaw all of Wakanda. He alerted them to the presence of unknown intruders, stealing his secret vibranium ore. He feared that there was a mole within his ranks, so he requested X-Factor’s help in dealing with the intruders. After cutting a deal with T’Challa, Mekanik agreed and the team headed to the vibranium mine.

At the mine, the team saw a group of A.I.M. armored agents harvesting vibranium. The miners and guards at the mine were all unconscious or dead. After crafting an impromptu plan, Mekanik instructed the team to ambush the A.I.M. agents and save the bystanders. Things started off well, until Klaw appeared from behind the team and blasted Black Panther unconscious. X-Factor engaged the intruders and despite a few injuries, they managed to put them down and rescue any hostages. Making a last stand, Klaw fired a sound wave at the mine itself to cause a cave-in.

As giant rocks and boulders came crashing down on the team, they immediately fizzled away. The world around them began to melt and swirl, and eventually transformed itself into a familiar scene: they were back in T’Challa’s quarters. Revealing that he caused the illusion with his alien technology, Black Panther reasoned that he could not fully trust their word until he saw their conduct in battle. He told X-Factor that they were authorized to depart Wakanda… with his pledge of allegiance against Apocalypse.

NPC’s encountered this session: Magneto, Blink, Sabertooth, Nate Grey, Quicksilver, the Dora Milaje, Shuri, Black Panther, Klaw, A.I.M agents


“All the more reason to do it…” – Draco, after Mekanik vocally disapproved of his actions


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