The Age of Apocalypse

X-Caliber Session #1

Date Played: Nov. 21, 2009

Players: Liz (Dash), Chris (Gentle), Jordon (Lost), Travis (Shade)

Late in the night, a secret shipment of food, water, and first aid supplies were being transported somewhere through a neighborhood in the Bronx. A small squad of Infinites escorted a van through a small neighborhood, unaware of Magneto’s forces watching nearby. The team of Dash, Lost, Gentle, and Shade quickly dispatched the Infinites and began looting the much-needed supplies. They too were unaware, of the Prelate known as Toad who also happened to be watching.

Toad engaged the team, and received support from a second troop of Infinites answering a distress signal. However, even with the help of a more elite mutant within Apocalypse’s army, the squad was easily no match for X-Caliber. The Infinites were slaughtered, and Toad himself was given a fatal headshot, courtesy of Shade.

Upon returning to the X-Mansion, the team found out why they stole the supplies: Their new mission was to follow Nightcrawler and Mystique, to try and find Destiny in Avalon. The trip to this fabled Antarctic land would be long and no doubt perilous. But Magneto’s intentions of finding the “mutant messiah” were cause enough. Destiny would lead them to answers.

The team was dropped off by the Blackbird in the Red Hook district, and they located the specific warehouse marked “Stark Industries”. Upon entering, they were encountered by John and James Proudstar (Thunderbird and Warpath, respectively) and the group of Morlocks they had formed a new tribe with. After questioning X-Caliber’s intentions, and possibly threatening the sanctity of Avalon, Thunderbird finally agreed to let them begin the journey… but not before they had to hand over all of their supplies. The grateful Morlocks showed their support, as a trap door was released, dropping the team into the cold Atlantic below. A submarine surfaced, and a pale bug-eyed mutant emerged from the hatch. He introduced himself as Caliban, and welcomed them into the Vessel. The Infernal Gallop had begun.

NPC’s encountered this session: Toad, The Engineer (Steve), Magneto, Husk, Rogue, Nate Grey, Gambit, Thunderbird, Warpath, Caliban


“Friggin’ alligators…” – Shade, painfully recalling the previous events in Florida



X-Caliber Session #1
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